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Enter the location of departure and arrival, and if you have any doubt, check before you leave the path or the owner of the apartment where you booked your vacation: a trip makes it perfectly clear!

With Car:
From the North, Rimini is reached by the A14 motorway from Bologna, the A1 confluence of the Sun, the A21 Turin-Piacenza and A22.

From Venice, the director remains the fastest road SS 309 "Romea", which are grafted on the streets from Padua and

From the South, in addition to the A1 and A14, are to be reported on the E45 highway, which connects through the Apennines near Rome and Cesena to the Adriatic highway 16.

• Rimini North (Bellaria Igea Marina, villages north of Rimini, Santarcangelo and all towns in the Valley of Marecchia)
• Rimini Sud (Rimini center and southern villages, Republic of San Marino)
With Train:
Trenitalia Railway: piazzale C. Battisti - Rimini
Informations and schedulesi tel. 0541-892021

Direct lines:
Rimini - Ancona - Lecce
Rimini - Roma
Rimini - Bologna - Milano - Torino
Rimini - Bologna - Verona - Brennero
Rimini - Ravenna - Ferrara

With Airplane:
Internationale Airport Federico Fellini Rimini - Repubblica di San Marino
via Flaminia, 409 Rimini/Miramare
Information and reservations: tel. +39 0541-715711 fax +39 0541-373649

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